PERFORMANCES BEGIN 1.15.15    In the Tuttle family, the past is not to be discussed. But when their estranged and silent brother is spotted at a hometown diner twenty years after a confounding childhood crime, buried memories and unspoken bounties hatch one boozy, plotting Thanksgiving. In the depths of Wyoming's wilderness, the family herd must stick together or teeter towards the way of the buffalo.    * * *  Featuring      Daniel   Abeles  , Carter Hudson  , Layla Khoshnoudi ,  Roger Lirtsman ,  Nate Miller  ,   Laura Ramadei  and  Sarah Sokolovic   * * *  with Original Music by  Robin Pecknold (of  Fleet Foxes )  and  Neal Morgan   PSM -  Kevin Clutz   Set Design -  Edward   T.   Morris   Lighting -  Masha Tsimring   Sound -  Asa   Wember   Costumes -  Beth Goldenberg   Props -  Jessica Jalal   Associate Producers and Resident Lesser Americans:  Claire Siebers  and  Brendan Spieth    Press:  Emily Owens      TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE                    
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